Report cards are available in NYC Schools Account 成績單可在紐約市學校帳戶中查看

Parents or guardians can log into their NYC Schools Account and view unofficial copies of their child’s report card, transcript, and summer school letter in the 'Student Documents' section. DOE students can log into Teach Hub 2.0 and view unofficial copies of their own report cards, transcripts, and summer school letters. Note that access to Teach Hub 2.0 is only available using student DOE access information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding report cards, please email to Ms. Kwong at
上網並在“學生文件”部分中查看您的孩子成績單,成績報告和暑期學校的非正式副本。 教育局學生可以在Teach Hub 2.0 上網並查看自己的成績單,成績報告和暑期學校的非正式副本 。 請注意,祇有填寫教育局學生登入資料才能在Teach Hub 2.0上網。 如果您對成績單有任何疑問,請通過 發送電子郵件給鄺副校長 。