Full Remote Learning Option 全時間遠程學習選擇

Dear Shuang Wen Families,

 I hope all of you have been able to enjoy the summer and are staying cool; especially in this heat wave.  As we approach the end of July, I'd like to give you all some updates based on the upcoming school year.  At this point, it is not confirmed whether we are, officially, returning but are charged with submitting in our plans for re-entry in alignment to the CDC regulations as well as NYCDOE policies.  Last week the DOE rolled out suggested models on blended learning for schools to consider.  In coordination with our SLT, PTA and UFT consultation board, we are in the draft stages of the following:  

Four Cohort Model (4b)


  1.  Remote learning (Cohort D); engages in remote learning daily.
  2.  Grades Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2:  Attend school everyday.  Classes would take place in bigger spaces in alignment to CDC spacing (Cohort C)
  3.  Grades 3 through 8 would rotate by week (Cohorts A and B) 

 Additionally, the NYCDOE Chancellor will be hosting a meeting with all Principals and Superintendents on July 27th.  Afterward, I will be holding parent forums to update you all.  For those that can't make it, we will be recording the sessions and posting them on the school's website.  Lastly, the Department of Education has released the application to choose the 100% Remote Learning option for September.  The deadline for you to submit this option is August 7.  Please note that there are set periods within next school year to change your mind.  No changes can be made unless in the designated windows set by the NYCDOE.  


Again, I hope all of you are having a great summer and look forward to seeing you at the forums next week.  Dates for next week's forums will be posted on the school's website as well.  

 All the best,

 Dr. Kabinoff











 Kabinoff 博士