NYC public school buildings are closed on Monday 2/1/21 紐約市各公立學校大樓在2021年2月1日(星期一) 關閉

Dear Families,

Due to inclement weather, New York City public school buildings are closed on Monday, 2/1/21. While buildings may be closed, school will be in session remotely for all students. Students are expected to log on and engage with their work from home as they do on other remote days. Middle and high school students who are already learning remotely every day are expected to attend school remotely, regardless of the weather. Please note that all DOE meal hubs will be closed.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Dr. Kabinoff, Principal



由於惡劣天氣影響,紐約市各公立學校大樓在20212月1(星期一) 關閉。雖然學校大樓關閉,但學校不會休假,所有學生都遠程上課。學生應該登錄,就像在其他日子遠程學習時一樣,在家參與學習。無論天氣情況怎樣,每天已經在家遠程學習的初中生和高中生都應該遠程上課。請注意,所有教育局的膳食中心將關閉。