Summer Rising 2022!! 2022 夏日炎炎夏令營!!

Summer Rising 2022: Kindergarten Through Grade 8

Summer Rising Overview

 A partnership between the New York City Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), Summer Rising will connect elementary and middle school students to fun, culturally relevant, hands-on experiences to strengthen their academic, social, and emotional skills.


Summer Rising is free and open to any NYC student currently in kindergarten through grade 8. Seats are limited, so we highly encourage families to apply early to secure a seat at their preferred location. Students who are required by their school to attend over the summer are guaranteed a spot. The program will begin July 5, and will run Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the months of July and August. Students will be provided with free breakfast and lunch, with snacks available in the afternoon on request. Summer Rising will run for six weeks for all students, with a seventh week of enrichment for students in grades K–5. Learn more at


How to Apply

Beginning on April 25, you can submit a Summer Rising application to enroll your child at The application will ask for your student’s 9-digit ID number, which you can get from your school if you do not know it.


You can apply to any Summer Rising site with available seats for your child’s grade level. You should apply as soon as possible to ensure your preferred placement!. Immediately after enrolling, you will receive an email confirming your spot. If enrolling multiple students, please note that you must submit each application for separately.


If you have questions or need support with the application, contact your school’s parent coordinator or email


Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 Plans 12-month / Extended School Year (ESY) programs: Students attending 12-month / Extended School Year (ESY) special class or ASD Nest or Horizon programs will receive the program and services recommended on their IEP at an Extended School Year (ESY), District 75, or ASD Summer Program site. Parents will also be able to enroll their child in extended day enrichment activities. We will follow up with these families with more information on their options.

Accommodations: Students who require supports, such as a paraprofessional or nurse, to participate in Summer Rising will receive them based on their individual needs.





2022 夏日炎炎夏令營:幼稚班至 8 年



夏日炎炎夏令營是由紐約市教育局(DOE)和青年與社區發展局(DYCD)合作舉辦的,這個夏令營讓小學 生和初中生接觸到有趣、文化相關並可親自動手的體驗,從而强化他們的學業、社交、情感方面的技能。


夏日炎炎夏令營是免費的,並且向所有目前在幼稚園至 8 年級就讀的紐約市學生開放。名額有限,所以我們 强烈建議家庭儘早申請,確保獲得自己喜歡的夏令營營地的一個入營名額。如果學生的學校要求學生暑期必 須上學,那麽可以保證這些學生有名額參加。該計劃從 7 月 5 日開始,在 7 月和 8 月每星期一至星期五的上 午 8:00 至下午 6:00 上課。該夏令營會給學生提供免費的早餐和午餐,如果學生提出要求,還可以在下午到點心。對所有參加的學生,夏日炎炎夏令營爲期六個星期,而第七個星期的課程是面向幼稚園至 5 年級的 强化課程。詳情參看



4 月 25 日開始,您可以為子女遞交一份參加夏日炎炎夏令營的申請。在申請 表上,您需要填寫您子女的 9 位數 ID 號碼,如果您不知道該號碼,可以向您的學校索取。


您可以給子女申請到任何有其相應年級的名額的夏日炎炎夏令營營地。您應該儘快申請,確保獲得您想要的 營地安排!在註冊之後,您會馬上收到電子郵件,確認您的名額。如果註冊多名學生,請注意,您必須為每 一名學生分別遞交一份申請表




擁有個別教育計劃(IEP)以及 504 計劃的學生

 12 個月/延長學年(ESY)課程:就讀 12 個月/延長學年(ESY)特殊班或者自閉症安頓課程或自閉症地平線 課程的學生,他們的 IEP 會建議他們在延長學年(ESY)授課點、第 75 學區、或者自閉症暑期課程地點應參 加的課程和服務。家長也可以給他們的子女註冊參加延長日强化活動。我們會在稍後跟進,給這些家庭提供 其所作選擇的更多資訊


特別照顧:學生如果要求獲得支援,例如要求配備輔助專業人員或護士參加夏日炎炎夏令營,會根據每個人 的需求給他們安排。