• FIELD DAY 2017雙文學校運動會

    Lower Grades/Elementary School Field day


    Pre-k field day 5/5






    K-4 field day 5/24 at basketball city




    Upper Grades/Elementary School and Middle School Field Day


    Grades 7-8 field day 5/25 at basketball city七至八年級/五月二十五日




    Grades 5-6 field day 5/25 at basketball city五至六年級/五月二十五日



    Field Day is coming soon and we need volunteers! There will be many games and activities and we need your help to guide students! Please email Ms. Alice at if you would like to help. 學校運動會即將開始,我們需要家長志工!



    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • 2017 Student Year End Progress Night 2017年學習成果展之夜

    Shuang Wen School PS184M

    Welcome Parents to the

    2017 Student Year End Progress Night

    Thursday, May 18, 2017

     5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

    Come to see what your child has learned

    and how best to prepare for next year





    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Field Day 2017 雙文學校運動會

    Lower Grades/Elementary School Field day


    Pre-k field day 5/5. Rain date is 5/12

    School Yard





    K-4 field day 5/24 at basketball city




    Upper Grades/Elementary School and Middle School Field Day


    Grades 7-8 field day 5/25 at basketball city七至八年級/五月二十五日




    Grades 5-6 field day 5/25 at basketball city五至六年級/五月二十五日



    Field Day is coming soon and we need volunteers! There will be many games and activities and we need your help to guide students! Please email Ms. Alice at if you would like to help.




    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Notice of Special Meeting特殊會議通知

    Shuang Wen School PTA


     Notice of Special Meeting特殊會議通知

     Please attend a special PTA meeting to be held in the cafeteria at Shuang Wen on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.四月二十六日,星期三早上八點半將在餐廳舉行家長會特殊會議。


    Thank you, and see you there.



    Lee Berman & John Sampieri, Co-Presidents家長會長敬上


    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Free Learn to Bike Class for kids cancelled本週日免費騎腳踏車活動取消

    Dear Parents, 

    Due to the bad weather forecast, the Free Learn to Bike Class for kids scheduled for this Sunday, April 23rd class has been cancelled.  This class will be rescheduled for a later date. We will keep you posted.  

    Kind regards

     Shuang Wen School PTA




    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • 2017 NYC SCHOOL SURVEY FOR PARENTS BY APRIL 7TH 2017年家長問卷調查表截止日期為四月七日


    Parents can complete the survey on line at Click on “Parent Survey” and use the eight digit survey access code that appears on the bottom right-hand corner of the survey form you received or call the survey hotline at 1-800-690-8603 for your code. Be sure to complete the survey by Friday, April 7th.


    家長請上網填寫問卷。點擊“家長調查Parent Survey”,並使用在問卷調查表底部右下角出現的八位數調查訪問代碼登入。如遺失問卷調查表請打電話至1-800-690-8603詢問調查訪問代碼。家長問卷調查表的截止日期為201747日。

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • No School

    In anticipation of the expected snow storm,

    DOE has announced that school will be closed on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.





    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Parent Teacher Conference

    PS184M Shuang Wen School



    Thursday, March 16, 2017

    1:00 – 3:00 pm & 4:30 – 7:30 pm



    Parent teacher appointment sign-up sheets will be available in the cafeteria

    (Grades 2, 3, 4 & 5 * NOTE - Only sign-up with your child’s designated class’ teacher.)

    from Tuesday, March 7, 2017 to Tuesday, March 14, 2017

    at the following times 7:30 am to 10:00 am 2:00pm to 2:30pm and 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

    Please show ID and sign in at the school safety desk before proceeding to the cafeteria.





    at 11:30 am on March 16th


    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Shuang Wen School/01M184 is excited to share with you…

    Dear Shuang Wen Families,親愛的雙文家庭:


    We will have our Third Scholastic Book Fair in Room 309 from Wednesday, February 8 to Wednesday, February 15, with additional days and times specifically for the Teachers’ Preview and the SWS Family Book Shopping Event (see a schedule of events below). 第三屆雙文學校書展將於二月八日(星期三)至二月十五日(星期三)在309 教室舉行,我們另外安排了教師預覽及家庭參展時間(請見下方時間表)。


    The book fair will be a great way to encourage our children’s interest in reading and to support our school.  Consistent with Scholastic's incentive policy, a percentage of the proceeds from book sales may be used to enhance our school and classroom libraries and to enhance our children’s literacy and learning.書展是鼓勵孩子們對閱讀產生興趣,並能支持學校的最佳方式。根據學者圖書公司的策略,圖書銷售所得的一部分會用於改善我們的學校和教室圖書館,增強孩子們的學習。


    There will be a wide selection of age appropriate titles.  Please provide your child with some cash to make purchases.  Scholastic informs us that many books will cost between $6.00 and $10.00 (excluding tax). Please note that the book purchases are taxable (applicable tax rate: 8.875%). We encourage you to talk to your children regarding the concept of tax so that they are not surprised by the total cost of the book upon at the register. No purchase may be made without sufficient funds, including tax.書展中會有適合各種年齡的書籍。請讓孩子帶一些現金來買書。學者圖書公司表示大部分書籍價格為六美元至十美元(不含稅)。請注意,買書需要付稅(適用稅率:8.875%)。我們鼓勵您跟孩子討論有關稅金的問題,以免在付費時產生疑問。買書時需付全額費用。


    To make the fair happen and to enhance the fair experience for our students, lots of parent volunteers will be needed. The SW community appreciates any amount of time you can give on any day.  為了讓所有學生都有機會參與書展,我們需要大量的家長志工。不論服務時間長短,雙文大家庭都感激不盡。


    Please join SWS parents and support the SWS community, by volunteering during:


    • The Teachers’ Book Fair Preview, Tuesday, February 7 (2:30pm to 4:00pm in Room 309);
    • Class Visits to the Scholastic Book Fair, February 8 through 15; and
    • The SWS Family Book Shopping Event, February 14 (2:30pm to 5:30pm).


    • 在教師書展預覽時間服務: 2月7日,星期二(下午2:30至下午4:00在309室)
    • 在學生參觀書展時間服務:2月8日至15日
    • 在雙文家庭參觀書展時間服務:2月14日(下午2:30至下午5:30)


    Feel free to sign up to volunteer during class visits, previews and shopping events (a) online, at the SWS Book Fair Home Page (b) by inserting your name in a one (1) hour time slot on the schedule posted at the front of the school; or (c) by contacting the Learning Leader Library Committee at of your interest. Don't miss the opportunity to volunteer and support SWS libraries.

    請上網SWS Book Fair Home Page 填寫您的服務時間,或在學校張貼的時間表上填入你的名字。您也可聯繫學習領導者家長志工小組。千萬不要錯過機會,請踴躍報名參加志工服務。


     Let’s help make this book fair a success and give our children a lifelong love of reading! 讓我們來幫助這個書展成功,讓閱讀成為孩子一輩子的愛好!


    To support the diverse levels of students’ learning in ELA and Math, we will implement a personalized online learning tool for all students, K-8 this year. Our school has chosen to use Compass Learning Pathblazer, a web-based intervention curriculum, to enhance your child’s educational experience, close their learning gaps and ultimately move them further, faster.

    Implementation is expected to roll out starting January 2017.

    Currently teachers are receiving training from Compass Learning Pathblazer on how to

            • set up student accounts

            • implement the program

            • monitor student progress once the program is fully operational

    Once teachers are trained, he/she will administer a baseline diagnostic and from there, tailor a program with components in ELA and or MATH to best meet each student’s needs to build proficiency.

    A component of the program allows for parents to work with students at home to support your child’s progress. Once the school program is up and running per class, teachers will be backpacking information home for you on how you may access your child’s account and provide support at home.

    Thank you for your attention.   



    為協助本校幼稚班到八年級在英文與數學的不同學習程度與需求,我們特於本學年開始使用網路學習課程,希望學生們不只在學校,也可在家裡利用網路學習課程加強他們的學習效果。目前我們的學校選擇使用Compass Learning Pathblazer網路學習課程,以加強貴子弟的英文及數學能力,縮小學習差距,並依他們的程度促進其學業進步。

    二○一七年一月,老師們接受過培訓之後,雙文學校學生將全面使用Compass Learning Pathblazer網路學習課程。


            •  設定學生帳號

            •  運用網路課程

            •  課程開始運作後監督並指導學生網路課程的學習及使用




    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • PS 184M Shuang Wen School does not have a Facebook Account 雙文學校沒有臉書(Facebook)帳戶

    Please Note:

    Shuang Wen School does not have an official facebook account and any facebook account purporting to be from the school is not endorsed by the school or administration, so please get all your information pertaining to the school from school website,emails from school Parent Coordinator or teachers, letters backpacked home with school letterhead,  or Shuang Wen School SchoolCNXT account.


    雙文學校沒有設立臉書帳戶。 任何在臉書帳戶上發出的信息均與校方無關。有關學校相關訊息,請參考學校官方網站,學校正式書面通知書,校方發出的電子郵件,或SchoolCNXT. 謝謝您的合作。

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School

Picture Story圖片故事

Principal News校長的話

September 2016


Dear Shuang Wen School Families:


Welcome back to the new school year of 2016-2017.  As the Chinese English Dual Language and Dual Culture public school in New York City, we are proud to share with you that we were recognized by New York State Department of Education as Reward School again in 2016-2017 school year. This is our fourth year receiving this honor.  Kudos to all our teachers, staff and dedicated parents!  Without your support, we would not have achieved such high performance.  Thank you!


Attached with this letter, you will find our school calendar for this school year.  For new Shuang Wen School Parents, we will have a meeting in Library, September 14, 2016, at 9:00 a.m.  Please come join us and get to know each other and our school.


For information and communication with teachers and school staff, there are many communication channels available.  Here are some of the easy methods for getting to know our school, teachers, and keeping track of your children’s progress:

  • School website.  Our official school website is  Please set it as one of your favorites for easy access.  There will be many announcements and pertinent information available. 
  • Monthly Shuang Wen School Newsletter
  • Homework Folder (Grades Pre-K to 5), School Planner and Engrade (Grades 6-8)
  • New York City Department of Education “NYC School Account”.  Detail information about creating your personal account, please see the link:
  • Contact our caring Parent Coordinator, Ms. Alice Ju McCabe at, or telephone number 212-602-9700, extension 1106 for any question or concern.


This school year, there are many new and existing programs at Shuang Wen School. 

  • Chinese English Dual Language Program from Kindergarten to 6th grade.
  • Regents (High School level) courses for 7th and 8th grade students in Math (Integrated Algebra I) and Science (Living Environment).  Qualified students can take up to two Regents courses and exams by the end of 8th grade.
  • Morning and Afternoon small group tutoring (AIS program).  Teachers will contact eligible students and parents for tutoring time and sessions.
  • Expanded In-house After School Programs: 
    • NYC DoE SHSI-DREAM Institute – Specialized High School Institute and the DREAM Intensive prep program for eligible Title I students in grades 7 and 8.
    • APEX for Youth – DYCD sponsored After School Program for students in Grades 6-8.
    • Mencius Afterschool Chinese & Culture Arts (MACCA) – After School program that focus on Chinese language acquisition and culture learning.
    • Eternity 1 of New York – After school homework assistance across all subject areas in English only.


In addition to the school supply list you’ve received from each grade, this year we also ask all middle school students to pay $5.00 for their school planner, so they can be more organized with their academic life.  Please only bring in the school supplies following teacher’s designated time line.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Below are the procedures for the beginning of school: (No school on September 12, 2016)

SCHOOL TIME:  8:20 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.

September 8, 9 and 13, 2016 


Pre K, K: Parents will drop off their children in the classroom then leave.   Pre K parents shall drop off and pick up their children following their designated schedule.    Starting Wednesday, September 14, 2016, parents must drop off their children in the lobby in the morning.  Students will be directed to go to the lunchroom themselves and wait for their teachers to pick them up.

Students in Grade 1, 2, 3: Line up in the cafeteria at their designated locations by LINE UP signs posted on Breakfast/Lunch Table by grade and class.

Students in Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 line up in the schoolyard as designated by LINE UP signs.

LUNCH (Every student must fill out school lunch form either online or by paper form)

Pre K: 10:35 a.m. – 11:25 a.m. (In the classrooms)

K-2:    10:35 a.m. – 11:25 a.m.

3-5:      11:25 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

6-8:      12:15 p.m. – 01:05 p.m.

AFTERNOON DISMISSAL PROCEDURE (Early dismissal will use the same exits)

September 8 and 9, 2016

Pre-K will follow teacher’s dismissal schedules on the first two days of school. 

Kindergarten will have early dismissal on September 8th at 1:10 p.m. Full day schedule after that. 

All other students will have dismissal at 2:40 p.m.  No Afterschool Programs on 9/8 and 9/9.

Beginning Tuesday, September 13, 2016  

For students not attending In-house Afterschool Programs:

Grade K, 1, 5: Classes exit from Montgomery Street Exit.  Classes lineup on the sidewalk of Montgomery Street.

Grades Pre-K, 2, 3, 4:  Classes exit from Main Entrance.  Classes lineup on the sidewalk of Cherry Street.

Grades 6, 7, 8:  Classes exit from Cafeteria Exit, next to the handball court of Cherry Clinton Playground. 

All students not picked up at dismissal will be brought to the Main Office.

Sibling pickups must approach the dismissal points of a sibling outside of the building.


Finally, we will have our expedited PA election on September 22, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. and we strongly encourage your participation.  On the same day, we will also have our Open School Night from 5:30 PM. to 7:00 PM.  Our teachers will share our instructional goals and focus, the core curriculum and the academic expectations. Please check the “Parent’s Handbook” on our school website for additional information regarding procedures and protocols.   I am looking forward to a wonderful and fulfilling school year with you and your children


Sincerely yours,


Iris Y. Chiu









歡迎返校!雙文學校是紐約市中英雙語和雙文化的公立學校,2016 - 2017新學年開始,我們很榮幸能與大家分享,在2016至2017學年我們又榮獲紐約州教育局頒發《獎賞學校》殊榮。這是我們連續四年榮獲這項榮譽。所有榮譽都屬於我們的老師、工作人員和盡心盡力的父母!沒有您們的支持,我們就不會取得如此高的成就。謝謝!


隨信附上本學年的學校行事曆。我們將在 2016年9月14日,上午9:00在圖書館舉行雙文學校新生家長歡迎會,請參與盛會,讓大家彼此認識,同時了解我們的學校。




  • 學校網站。我們的學校網站是 。請設置入網站收藏夾,方便登入。學校網站上會有很多學校通告和相關訊息。
  • 每月發送的《雙文學校新聞》。
  • 家庭作業文件夾(預幼班到五年級),學校功課計劃本和成績評估網站Engrade(六至八年級)。
  • 紐約市教育局的“紐約市學校賬戶”。請上網查詢詳細訊息:
  • 如有任何問題或疑慮請聯繫家庭連絡員朱老師,電子郵件,電話號碼212-602-9700,分機1106。



  • 中英雙語課程從幼稚班延伸到六年級。
  • 高中會考(高中水平)課程,包括七、八年級學生數學(高中一級綜合代數)和科學(生活環境)課程。合格的學生可以參加課程,並在八年級結束前參加會考。
  • 早上和下午的小組輔導時間(AIS課程)。老師會聯繫符合條件的學生和家長有關輔導的時間和課程。
  • 雙文學校校內課後班課程:

─紐約市教育局SHSI-DREAM夢想課程 - 專門為符合條件的七、八年級學生提供的特殊高中考試密集預備課程。

─APEX青少年營 –由紐約市DYCD贊助的學校課後班課程,六至八年級學生可申請免費參加。名額有限,請儘早報名。

─孟藝中文課後班(MACCA) - 專注於學習中文和中國文化。

─明智補習社 – 全英語課程,專注於輔導家庭作業。













預幼班:上午10時35分 - 上午11時25分(在教室裡)

幼稚班至二年級:上午10時35分 - 上午11時25分

三年級至五年級:上午11時25分 - 下午12時15分

六年級至八年級:下午12時15分 - 下午1時05分



















Dual Language Classroom雙語教室

Welcome to Shuang Wen School歡迎來到雙文學校

Thanks for visiting our new website. Please check back soon for updates and important information.謝謝您參觀雙文學校網站。請隨時上網查詢更新訊息。

Statement on Accessibility: We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact Parent Coordinator Ms.Alice McCabe to request assistance.


無障礙聲明:我們正在努力使本網站更易於讓所有人上網站訪問,並將遵循 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0的指令。 如果您需要目前網站上特定頁面或文檔的幫助,請聯繫家庭聯絡員Ms.Alice McCabe請求協助。

Upcoming Events最新活動

  • East Meets West東方遇見西方

    Shuang Wen Art Exhibit in Pearl River Mart Gallery from May 20 -June 25 




    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Grade 4th & 8th New York State Science Performance四年級和八年級紐約州科學能力測驗

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • PTA Executive Board meeting家長執行委員會會議

    8:30 am in PTA Room上午八點半在家長室舉行

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • PTA Monthly Meeting 家長月會

    8:30 am in school cafeteria上午八點三十分在餐廳舉行

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Memorial Day Observed(schools closed)國殤紀念日(學校放假)

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
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