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Principal’s Message校長的話


Principal’s Message校長的話




Dear Parents/Guardians and Students: 

Welcome back!  We eagerly anticipate another successful year here at Shuang Wen P.S./M.S. 184 and look forward to seeing you all when our doors open for our first day of school on Thursday, September 5, 2019.  

I hope you will spend time on our school website to see some of the exciting things going on at Shuang Wen P.S./M.S. 184. We are committed to preparing each student for high school through dual-language dynamic curriculum, effective instruction, and a wide range of experiences in order to inspire our children to follow their chosen path. Our school serves students from preschool through grade 8. In addition, we offer full dual-language as well as a wide array of accelerated courses and opportunities for all students.  

I am humbled to serve as the Interim Acting Principal of such an amazing school. Since my arrival, I have been fortunate to meet various members of the Shuang Wen family - each of whom is committed to the students we serve. What sets Shuang Wen apart is the dedication of our staff in partnership with supportive parents and community members. We are truly the best place to work or go to school.  As the year progresses, please follow us on Social Media to receive instructional and program updates, pictures, and event information.  We are looking forward to a great school year.  

Dr. Jeremy Kabinoff






我希望您能花一些時間上學校網站www.ps184m.org看看雙文學校 的一些令人興奮的事情。我們致力於通過雙語資優課程,有效教學和廣泛的經驗為每個學生晉升高中做準備,以激勵孩子遵循他們選擇的道路。雙文學校為預幼班到八年級的學生提供服務。此外,我們為所有學生提供完整的雙語教學以及各種資優課程和機會。


我很榮幸能擔任這樣一所卓越非凡的學校的代理校長。自從我到達以來,我很幸運地見到了雙文大家庭的各位成員 - 他們每個人都盡心盡力為我們的學生努力貢獻。最重要的是,我們教職員的貢獻,家長的全力支持,加上整個社區成員的合作才能讓雙文學校變得如此與眾不同。雙文學校是真正最適合大家工作或上學的地方。未來這一年,請隨時在社交媒體網路上關注我們,以便接收更新的教學計劃,圖片和活動消息。我們期待著這一學年順利成功。


校長 Jeremy Kabinoff博士謹致



Dual Language Classroom雙語教室

Welcome to Shuang Wen School歡迎來到雙文學校

Thanks for visiting our new website. Please check back soon for updates and important information.謝謝您參觀雙文學校網站。請隨時上網查詢更新訊息。

Statement on Accessibility: We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact Parent Coordinator Ms.Alice McCabe to request assistance.


無障礙聲明:我們正在努力使本網站更易於讓所有人上網站訪問,並將遵循 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0的指令。 如果您需要目前網站上特定頁面或文檔的幫助,請聯繫家庭聯絡員Ms.Alice McCabe請求協助。

Upcoming Events最新活動

  • School Tour學校導覽

    9:00 am~10:00 am早上九點至十點

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • PTA Monthly Meeting(Tentative)家長月會(暫定)

    5:30pm in School Library


    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Title 1 Meeting (Tentative)第一條款會議(暫定)

    8:30 am in Library早上八點三十分在圖書館舉行

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Rosh Hashanah(School closed)猶太新年(學校放假)

    September 10-11


    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • School Tour 學校導覽

    9:00 am~10:00 am早上九點至十點

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
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