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Principal’s Message

Shuang Wen School is committed to preparing students for global economic competition by helping them achieve second language competency through dual language acquisition learning model. By including both English Language Learners and native English Speakers and having them study and integrate in all subject area classes, the curriculum establishes an integrated environment that helps each student achieve the highest level of language proficiency. Heritage Chinese Speakers and English Language Learners receive instructions in English and Mandarin Chinese in the subject areas to strengthen their knowledge in content areas; Native English speakers learn and practice Mandarin Chinese through actively learning and interaction in the content classes and achieve higher level of competency in all content subject areas, creating win-win academic results for all students.

Our school community is committed in providing educational excellence for every student. Every curriculum in every subject area will not only meet the Common Core Learning Standards but also integrate rigorous content and knowledge. The school culture will promote a sense of belonging where school staff will provide inter-personal care and positive support for every student’s individual growth and progress. We are proud of our family like safe and caring learning environment where our children, from Pre-K to 8th grade, can flourish and achieve highest level of academic success in both English and Chinese, ready to contribute to the global market with global competency.

Please come join us and prepare your children for the 21st Century!



Iris Y. Chiu






Dual Language Classroom雙語教室

Welcome to Shuang Wen School歡迎來到雙文學校

Thanks for visiting our new website. Please check back soon for updates and important information.謝謝您參觀雙文學校網站。請隨時上網查詢更新訊息。

Statement on Accessibility: We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact Parent Coordinator Ms.Alice McCabe to request assistance.


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Upcoming Events最新活動

  • PTA Executive Board Meeting (Tentative)家長執行委員會會議(暫定)

    8:30 am in PTA Room上午八點三十分在家長室舉行

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • PTA Monthly Meeting(Tentative)家長月會(暫定)

    8:30 am in lunch room上午八點三十分在餐廳舉行

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Winter Recess(schools closed)寒假(學校放假)

    December 24--January 1 十二月二十四日至一月一日

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • Students Return to School學生返校

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
  • School Tour 學校導覽

    9:00 am~10:00 am早上九點至十點

    PS184 (01M184) - Shuang Wen School
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