Summer Reading 暑期閱讀

June 2020

Dear Families,
Summer reading is so important to keep learning going and to let imaginations run free! We are thrilled to make more e-books and audiobooks for all ages available for free this summer to all DOE families, and it’s easier than ever to access them. Please read on for more information, and visit for additional details to be posted on Monday, June 29.
Reading with Sora!

The e-book reader Sora has a diverse set of hundreds of resources available for grades 3K-12 in a multiple languages to help students see themselves and fellow students in the books they are reading. You can download an app to your device or access them via a web browser. All you have to do is log in with your student’s DOE ID; no additional sign up is necessary. Please visit to get started.

Need help finding your student’s DOE login? Click here. If you received an iPad from DOE, it will have the Sora app automatically installed by July 1!

You may also visit to access additional e-book titles and databases provided by the New York City School Library System. To access e-books from any location and databases from outside of New York State, please email for the username and password.

Please note that while some of these resources might only be available in English, we will continue to strive to make more resources available in home languages.

Take Advantage of Public Library Resources, Too!

New York City public library systems are also providing digital resources and free access to the tutoring platform Brainfuse through internet-enabled devices, including all DOE-issued iPads.
• Brooklyn Public Library. To obtain a Brooklyn Public Library eCard, fill out the form at
• The New York Public Library serving the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. To obtain a New York Public Library digital card through the free SimplyE app, please visit
• Queens Public Library. To obtain a Queens Public Library eCard, fill out the form at

Wishing you a summer full of reading!

Warm regards,

Linda Chen Chief Academic Officer
2020 年 6 月

暑期閲讀對於保持學習持續和自由發揮想像力都是極其重要的!我們將在這個暑假為所有 教育局學生家庭提供適合各種年齡的更多電子書和有聲書,而且比起以往任何時候這些材 料都更容易獲得。我們對此極爲激動。請繼續閲讀以下更多資訊,並請瀏覽網站,更多細節將在 6月 29日(星期一)登載於此。

用 Sora閲讀!

電子書閲讀器 Sora擁有成千上萬的多樣化資源,以多種語言幫助 3歲幼兒班至 12年級學 生,讓他們從自己閲讀的圖書中了解自己和其他學生。您可以將相應的應用軟件下載到您 的電子設備上,也可以使用網站瀏覽器獲取這些書籍。您只需要用子女的教育局學生身份 證登錄;不必另外進行登記。請到網站,開啓閲讀旅程。

需要幫助找到您子女的教育局登錄賬號嗎?點擊此處。如果您收到了教育局的 iPad,該 設備將在 7月 1日前自動安裝上 Sora軟件!

您也可以上網站,獲取紐約市學校圖書系統所提供的更多電子書 目和數據庫。如需紐約州以外的任何地點和數據庫的電子書,請發電子郵件到,獲取用戶名和密碼。

請注意,雖然其中一些資源可能只有英語版,我們將繼續努力以各種家庭語言提供更多資 源。


紐約市公立圖書館系統也在為有互聯網接入的設備(包括所有教育局發給的 iPad)提供 數碼資源,並免費提供輔導平臺 Brainfuse。
• 紐約市公立圖書館為布朗士、曼哈頓和史丹頓島提供服務。要獲取紐約市公立圖書 館電子借書證,可利用免費 SimplyE應用軟件,請上網到。
• 皇后區公立圖書館。要獲取皇后區公立圖書館的電子借書證,請在以下網站填寫表格:。



Linda Chen 首席學業主任