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Accelerated Programs 高階課程


Algebra 1 and Living Environment


All 8th grade students are provided opportunity to take Algebra 1 and Living Environment courses. Students will earn high school credits after they meet the course requirements and pass Regents exam in June.

The Algebra 1 Regents Exam measures a student's understanding of the Common Core Learning Standards for Algebra 1. The exam requires that students show an understanding of mathematical concepts, use prior knowledge and prerequisite skills, and solve real world problems using tools and formulas.

The Living Environment Regents Exam includes four sections. The first three sections will test your understanding of cells, genetics, evolution, the human body and ecology. The fourth area will be used to assess your laboratory skills. The exam includes constructed-response and multiple-choice questions.




所有8年級的學生都有機會參加代數1和生活環境課程。 滿足課程要求並在六月通過攝政考試的學生, 將獲得高中學分。


居住環境攝政考試包括四個部分。 前三個部分將測試您對細胞,遺傳學,進化,人體和生態學的理解。 第四個區域將用於評估您的實驗室技能。 該考試包括構造型答案和多項選擇題。