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Principal's Message 校長的話

Dear Parents,


I would like to extend my personal greetings and to welcome all students, both returning and new, and their parents to the Shuang Wen PS 184m Family.  I sincerely look forward to working, along with a most wonderful staff, with all students and parents.  Our goal is to provide the very best dual language, educational experience for all students.  Our school continues to strive to achieve the highest degree of excellence as we progress into the 2023-24 school year. 


I want to assure you that we are committed to the safest atmosphere for everyone in our building.  You can be confident that the success and excitement of our educational program will immediately benefit all students at Shuang Wen.  As parents, it is most important that you know and join in partnerships, along with your child and our staff, in the success of our program.  During the 2023-24 school year, Shuang Wen PS 184m will be promoting the following 5 core values: "Parents as Partners", "Inclusion",  "Teacher Collaboration", "Student Voice (For Students, By Students) and "Personalized Learning".  Additionally, safety and health precautions will be at the epi-center in all that we do adhering to guidelines set by the CDC, Department of Health and the New York City Department of Education. 


 Looking forward to a safe and productive school year,


Dr. K




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Dear Shuang Families,


On behalf of the Shuang Wen Staff and Faculty, we condemn the senseless violence seen over the last several days.  These acts of hate have no place in our world.   Shuang Wen stands in solidarity in condemning the recent rise in violence against Asian-Americans throughout our city and nation. These acts of violence run counter to one of our core values - LOVE.  Our school, our society, our world is stronger because of our diversity.  At Shuang Wen, we advocate honoring and acknowledging our diverse cultures, religions, identities, race, ethnicities, and gender.  Shuang Wen is and always will be a safe place for ALL.  


As we prepare to close for Spring Break  our Shuang Wen teams have already begun to audit curriculum and address areas where more evidence of culturally responsive education should take place.  Additionally, our Instructional Leadership Team along with the School's Equity Team are collaborating focusing on Anti-Bias and Culturally Responsive Education units (Age Appropriate) as well .  


The safety and welfare of our students, families and staff members will always be our top priority.  Currently, we placed a request to School Safety and the 7th Precinct for additional supervision and was approved.  Additionally, we are advocating for students to arrive and dismiss in groups as well.  We, strongly, encourage students to walk together and travel to and from school, at least, in pairs if not more.  If possible, we are encouraging Parents/Guardians to walk in groups too.  While it's not mandated, I am encouraging students to wear our School Colors/School Uniform Shirts (Burgundy).  This will enable my team and I, during arrival and dismissal, to expand our lens and see further as we monitor students entering and leaving the premises.  I will be coordinating with our PTA sending out the links from our partners to make the process as easy we can.  


Tonight, our Title 1 Representative, Grace Shen will be facilitating a school community discussion from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Our goal is to open the dialogue and hear from our community.  We hope to see you there.  Additionally, Shuang Wen will be disseminating resources as well.  Lastly, our Shuang Wen team will be drafting and implementing opportunities for school community members/families/students to interface with us as well.  


With Love and Unity,


Dr. K















As we continue the duration of the school year, our school has been, extensively, working with our partners regarding efforts toward Culturally Responsive Education as well as creating safe spaces and opportunities for our students, families, staff members, and community members.  
Currently, our Superintendent, Carry Chan, has orchestrated a partnership for our school with "Families Thriving". Today, we will be kicking off our first session where parent leaders, staff members and members of the District 1 office will engage in training on "Healing Circles".  Healing Circles will be offered to all as we proceed with the school year and enable the space for all Shuang Wen members to come together, as a family, and discuss what each other are feeling/seeing, etc.  
Additionally, Ms. Jia, Mr. James and I met with Project Hope and will be coordinating sessions for students, staff and families regarding social/emotional support during the month of May.  COVID along with the atrocities, we have seen and/or experienced have fostered the need for all of us to band together.  Furthermore, we have partnered with the District Attorney's office and their Hate/Bias Crime unit as well.  This partnership is crafting professional development, classroom activities (exploring current events) and informational sessions for our community as well.  The first informational session will be held on April 30th (details forthcoming).  
Lastly, our School's Equity Team has partnered with the Office of Equity and the District 1 office and have been, diligently, auditing curriculum and making amendments where needed.  Please feel free to email us ideas and suggestions at any time.  At Shuang Wen, we will continue to foster LOVE and FAMILY each and every day.  
With Love and Appreciation,
Dr. K