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kids rise poster

NYC Kids Rise 大學儲蓄計畫

Now that you have been introduced to the program, keep this worksheet handy so that you know what steps to take once you have completed the opt out process and your NYC Scholarship Account has been opened. 让我们共同为大学与职业培训进行储蓄。从孩子入读幼稚班开始,通过以下步骤为孩子上大学和参加职业培训进行储蓄

Mission Statement 學校使命

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Shuang Wen P.S./M.S.184 prepares students to become ethical, global citizens through a rigorous curriculum, high expectations and supportive environment with immersive dual language instruction in English and Mandarin. Shuang Wen promotes intellectual, physical and social-emotional well-being to advance academic and personal growth so that our students reach their full potential. Shuang Wen fosters a sense of communal responsibility and solidarity through the celebration of languages, cultures and diversity.