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Enrichment Programs 輔助課程


Algebra For All


To improve opportunities for students to excel in math, the Algebra for All initiative aims to enable every student to have access to algebra classes in eighth grade while having more support in earlier years to prepare them to succeed.






Computer Science For All


Developing strong computer skills is widely recognized as essential to thriving in today’s workforce. The Computer Science for All initiative, through an unprecedented public-private partnership(Open external link) with a wide range of foundations, corporations, nonprofits, families, and individuals, is enabling NYC public school students to receive a high quality Computer Science education at each school level. Learn more at external link).




發展強大的電腦技能被廣泛認為是當今勞動力成長的關鍵。全民電腦科學計劃通過與眾多基金會,公司,非營利組織,家庭和個人的前所未有的公私合作夥伴關係(開放的外部鏈接),使紐約市的公立學校學生能夠在 每個學校級別。 了解更多信息,請訪問打開外部鏈接)。


College Access For All


Creating a school culture where students expect to go to college and receive exposure to opportunities after they graduate needs to begin before they even get to high school. The College Access for All – Middle School initiative provides all students with the opportunity to visit a college campus while participating in student and parent workshops focused on planning for high school and college.