Reopening Update for Families: August 17, 2020 關於學校重開家庭須知

August 17, 2020

Dear Families,                                        

In good times and in challenging times, I know that you want the best for your children. You want them to be safe, healthy, and happy. And you want them to always be learning, growing, and getting ready to take on the world. Our schools play such an important role in that, especially now, when the children of our city have been through so much.   

For us, health and safety always lead the way. Our vision for the fall is a safe, strong, and supportive learning environment and an excellent education for every one of our students. Schools will be in session and students will be learning five days per week—no matter where they are.    

We know a lot more now about how the learning experience is going to work. In this week’s Reopening Update for Families, you will find:  

  • The latest health and safety information, including on ventilation, school nurses, and testing and tracing in schools
  • How to stay informed on confirmed COVID-19 cases in your school community
  • How families can change their children’s learning preference to/from fully remote learning
  • What happens if students attend school in-person on a day they are not scheduled to attend
  • Supports for students with Individualized Education Programs
  • Supports for students in temporary housing and foster care

We know that planning for the new school year isn’t easy—for you, for our educators, for school staff, and for our communities. But I believe that by working together we can start the school year strong. I want to acknowledge the tireless work of your principals and school leaders, who have been hustling all summer to be ready for the first day of school.   

I also want to thank you. Your partnership has made it possible for us to consider and plan for both in-person and remote learning. Your continued investment and engagement in your school communities is a vital part of ensuring our students’ success not just during this upcoming school year but for years to come. We are privileged to serve you and your children, the young people who not long from now will be the ones leading our city.   

If you have questions regarding the information in this letter, please contact your principal. You can find principal contact information by searching for your child’s school on Find a School: Principal information is on each school’s web page at, in the “School Contacts and Information” section. And as always, all information regarding back to school can be found at    Sincerely,


Richard A. Carranza 


New York City Department of Education  


Reopening Update for Families: August 17, 2020   

The updates below are included on our school reopening webpage at, available 24/7 to help you find information about the upcoming school year.   

The Latest Health and Safety Information   

For school buildings to open in September and remain open, the city must see fewer than 3 percent of all COVID19 tests come back positive on a weekly average. Since June, the city positive test rate has been between 1 and 2 percent. We have strict protocols for testing, tracing, and quarantining if there is a confirmed case in school, and we will use every effort to prevent the spread of infection in schools if a student or staff member is feeling sick or has a confirmed case of COVID-19.    

Many families have questions about ventilation. Our commitment is simple: if a room does not have adequate ventilation, it will not be used by students or staff. We are assessing and performing maintenance in buildings to maximize ventilation with outdoor air to the greatest extent possible. We expect maintenance to be completed by the opening of school.  

Finally, this fall, every school building in New York City and all early childhood programs across the city will have access to nurses. Through a partnership with NYC Health + Hospitals, in addition to our established nursing workforce, every student will have access to a qualified nurse every day as we reopen schools safely and continue to stop the spread of COVID-19. Nurses will be in-place by the first day of school.   

How to Stay Informed on Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Your School Community   

When the school year begins, we want to make sure we can contact you quickly and effectively to share information, including about confirmed COVID-19 cases in your child’s school. Please sign up for a New York City Schools Account (NYCSA) so we can contact you via phone, email, or text message.   

Your NYCSA account can also help you find your child’s grades, test scores, schedules, transportation information, and more— from anywhere, and in all nine standard DOE language translations. I encourage you to keep your contact information up to date, so we can get in touch with you in the event of an emergency. If you don’t have an account, sign up today at It only takes five minutes!    

How to Change a Child’s Learning Preference to/from Fully Remote Learning    

Your school principals, in partnership with district and central administrators, are continuing to develop schoollevel plans for every public school in New York City. We are currently planning for around three-quarters of our students (over 700,000 students) to begin the school year in a blended learning mode. This means that they’ll learn in-person in a school building part of the school week and continue learning remotely from home for the rest of the week. The remaining families in our DOE community will begin the year in fully remote learning mode.   

 You can move your child into 100 percent remote learning at any time using the Learning Preference online form: Families who choose 100 percent remote learning can opt back into blended learning on a quarterly basis, beginning in November.   

What Happens if Students Attend School In-Person on a Day They are Not Scheduled to Attend

Schools will work closely with families to clearly communicate which days their child will attend school inperson. The DOE encourages you to make alternate childcare arrangements and to build a plan to help ensure that your child does not arrive at school on unscheduled days. If a student arrives at school on days when they are scheduled for remote learning, your child’s school will inform you. All children attending on an unscheduled day will need to be picked up or will be sent home, depending on age and other factors. For more information on policies for students who attend school on a mistaken day, visit    

Supports for Students with Individualized Education Programs     

The DOE will provide students with disabilities access to in-person instruction during blended learning. If your child's IEP recommends related services, you will soon receive a survey where you will be asked to express your preference for in-person or remote therapy. Upon school opening, your child's school will contact you to discuss your child's specific schedule and make every effort to align your request to available services. The DOE will release additional guidance and information for families of students with disabilities shortly.    

Supports for Students in Temporary Housing and Foster Care    

Students in temporary housing and foster care face unique challenges as a result of COVID-19, including the shift to remote learning. We have been providing additional supports to these students, including ensuring their early receipt of remote learning devices. Any remote learning devices given to students in shelter have cellular capabilities. As possible and appropriate, students in temporary housing and foster care may also receive additional in-person instruction, depending on a school’s programming model, overall student needs, and capacity. 

2020 8 17



無論是好的時光還是艱難時期,我知道,您總是希望孩子過得最好。您希望孩子安全、健康和快樂。您 也希望他們一直學習和成長,為擔當起世界而作好準備。我們的學校爲此扮演著如此重要的角色,尤其 是現在,當我們城市裏的孩子們已經經受了這麽多。


對我們而言,健康和安全永遠是佔主導的。我們對於秋季的願景是讓我們每一個學生都擁有一個安全、 堅固和支援的學習環境以及優秀的教育。學校將上課,學生們將每周學習五天──無論他們在哪裏學習。











我們知道,無論是對您、對我們的教育工作者、對學校職員還是對我們的社區來説,為學年作規劃都是 很不容易的。但是我相信,我們齊心協力,一定能給新學年的開始打下堅實的基礎。我想在此感謝各位 校長和學校領導的辛勤工作,你們在整個暑假裏忙忙碌碌,就是爲了給開學作好準備。


我也想要感謝您。正是您的積極合作,使得我們得以考慮和規劃面對面學習和遠程學習兩種途徑。您對 您的學校社區繼續密切關注和參與,這是確保學生不僅在接下來的學年而且在未來各學年中取得成功所 必不可缺的。我們為服務於您的子女而深感榮幸,他們不久之後將成爲領導我們城市的力量。


如果您對本信的資訊有任何問題,請聯絡您學校的校長。您可以使用「查找學校工具」(Find a School 搜尋您子女的學校,找到校長的聯絡資訊 校長資訊位於網站 所列每所學校網頁的「學校聯絡人和資訊」(School Contacts and Information)部分。同平時一樣,所有關於返校的資訊登載於




卡蘭扎(Richard A. Carranza





T&I 31692 Update for Families, August 17 2020 (Chinese)

關於學校重開家庭須知:2020 8 17


下面的最新資訊登載於學校重開網頁。該資訊網頁 7 24小時開 放,供您了解有關接下來學年的資訊。




若要讓學校教學樓在 9 月開放並保持開放,全市所進行的所有 COVID-19 檢測的結果呈陽性的比率必須 每周平均低於百分之三。自六月以來,本市陽性檢測比率一直在百分之一和二之間。如果學校出現一個 確診病例,我們有嚴格的檢測、追蹤和隔離規程;如果有學生或教職員工感覺生病了或者出現一例 COVID-19確診,我們將盡一切努力來預防學校裏的病毒傳播。


很多家庭都對通風存在疑問。我們的保證很簡單:如果一個房間沒有充分的通風,則不會供學生或教職 工使用。我們正在各大樓裏進行評估和維護工作,竭盡最大程度利用最多的戶外空氣通風。我們期待維 護工作在學校開學之前完成。


最後,這個秋季,紐約市的每一所學校大樓和全市所有幼教計劃都將配備護士。在與紐約市健康和醫院 機構(NYC Health + Hospitals)合作下,除了我們已有的護士工作人員之外,在我們安全地重開學校並 繼續致力於制止 COVID-19 傳播的工作中,每個學生每天都能獲得合格護士的服務。護士將在開學第一 天之前就準備就緒。




學年開始之際,我們希望確保我們能迅速有效地聯絡到您,分享有關資訊(包括您子女學校的新冠病毒 確診病例)。請登記紐約市學校帳戶 New York City Schools Account,簡稱 NYCSA),這樣我們可以用 電話、電子郵件或短信與您聯絡。


您的 NYCSA 帳戶也可以有助於您查閲您子女的成績、測驗分數、時間安排、交通資訊等。您可以在任 何地方並以所有九種標準教育局語言翻譯版本查閲。我鼓勵您保證您的聯絡資訊得到更新,讓我們可以只需要五分鐘就能完成登記!




您學校的校長,與學區和教育局總部主管人員一起合作,在繼續為紐約市每一所公立學校制訂學校層面 的計劃。我們目前規劃,大約四分之三的學生(超過 70 萬學生)將以混合模式開始新學年。這意味著, 他們將在上學的一周内部分時間在一處學校大樓接受面對面教學,在一周内餘下時間繼續在家裏進行遠 程學習。我們教育局社區的其餘家庭則將以全面遠程學習的模式開始新學年。


您可以在任何時候讓您的子女改變到百分之百遠程學習,可以用以下「學習首選方式」(Learning Preference)網上表格進行更改。已選擇了百分之百遠程學習的 家庭可以按季度從 11月份開始選擇回到混合學習模式。



T&I 31692 Update for Families, August 17 2020 (Chinese)




學校將密切與家庭合作,清楚地溝通其子女在哪些日子將在學校面對面上課。教育局鼓勵您做好其他兒 童照顧安排並設立一個計劃,以確保您子女不會在未安排的日子裏到學校去。如果學生在他們按計劃應 遠程學習的日子去了學校,您子女的學校將通知您。所有在未安排在校上學的日子到學校的學生都必須 被接走,或者會被要求自行回家(根據年齡和其他因素而定)。關於學生在錯誤的日子到學校上課的更 多資訊和規定,請瀏覽




教育局將為殘障學生提供混合學習期間的面對面教學途徑。如果您子女的個別教育計劃建議説明相關服 務,您將很快就會收到一份調查問卷,您將在問卷上説明首選面對面治療還是遠程治療。學校開學之際, 您子女的學校將聯絡您,與您討論您子女的具體時間計劃,並盡一切努力來根據您的要求安排可以提供 的服務。教育局不久將會給學生家庭發佈更多指引和資訊。




臨時居所和寄養照顧的學生因 COVUD-19 而面臨獨特的困難,包括學習改變為遠程學習而帶來的困難。 我們一直在為這些學生提供額外的支援,包括確保其儘早收到遠程學習設備。庇護所的學生所收到的任 何遠程學習設備都有移動功能。如果可能並恰當,臨時居所和寄養照顧的學生也可能會得到額外的面對 面教學,這要根據某所學校的排課模式及總體學生需求和可容納的人數而定。