opening of school開學公告

Dear Shuang Wen Families,


We hope you are having a great week but wanted to relay the announcement made today with regard to the opening of school.  Based on the literature sent from Chancellor Carranza, in person learning for grades K-8 will take place on Tuesday, September 29th.  Additionally, Pre-K students will begin next Monday, September 21st.  Beginning Monday, September 21st remote learning will begin for all students.  Please continue to check emails from your child's teachers with regard to next week.  More information to follow. 


All the best,


Dr. K





希望您度過了愉快的一週,現在想要轉達今天有關開學的公告。根據總學監Carranza Carranza發送的文告,學校將於929日星期二開始進行幼稚班至八年級到校學習。此外,預幼班的學生將於921日下週一開始上課。從921日星期一開始,所有學生都將開始遠程學習。請繼續關注下週有關貴子弟老師的電子郵件。更多信息將陸續發送。




Dr. K校長謹致