Celebrate Ms. Alice's Retirement 慶祝朱老師的退休

Dear Shuang Wen Families,

I hope all of you had a great January as well as a great start to the New Year!  I'd like to take this opportunity to announce and celebrate Ms. Alice's retirement.  Ms. Alice has been a pillar of the Shuang Wen school community as well as someone all of us could count on; no matter what.  

Ms. Alice, we hope this next chapter of your life brings you endless time to do the things you love! No one deserves a retirement as much as you do and on behalf of the Shuang Wen Community, we hope retirement brings you the opportunity to fill your time with everything you enjoy.  With happy tears, we want you to know that you've inspired all of us to always stay passionate and true to our path; especially when it came to our students.  Again, Congratulations on your retirement! Wishing you endless days with your friends and family.  WE LOVE YOU!

Additionally, please welcome our new Parent Coordinator, Mr. James Zhao.  James has big shoes to fill but I am confident, we are confident, he will continue Ms. Alice's legacy.  Cheers to Ms. Alice and Mr. Zhao.  May the next chapters of your lives bring you memories to last a lifetime.   

With love and gratitude,

Dr. K 



我希望大家在新的一年裡擁有一個像一月一樣美好的新開始!我想藉此機會宣布朱老師的榮休。無論任何時候, 朱老師都是我們雙文大家庭的支柱,也是我們所有人都可以依靠的人。 

朱老師,我們希望您在接下來人生篇章裡, 將擁有無盡的時間去做自己的事情!沒有人比您更值得光榮退休,同時, 代表雙文大家庭,我們希望退休能給您帶來機會,讓您盡情享受自己的生活。懷著感恩喜樂的眼淚,我們希望您知道您一直在啟發著我們,特別是對於我們的學生, 讓我們在人生路上始終充滿熱情和真誠。再次恭喜您光榮退休!祝您與朋友還有家人的生活擁有無盡的幸福。我們愛你!

另外,請歡迎我們新任的家長聯繫員趙老師。趙老師將會有很多的艱難需要克服,但我有信心, 還有我們大家都有信心,他將繼承朱老師的敬業熱情。為朱老師和趙老師歡呼。願人生新的篇章為您們帶來終生難忘的回憶。