NYC Kids Rise 大學儲蓄計畫

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Dear K parent and guardian,


Because your child is a Kindergartener in the NYC Public School system she/he is now enrolled in the Save for College Program. The next step is for you as the parent/guardian to activate your child’s NYC Scholarship account and see the funds that have been allocated for their educational future. Their NYC Scholarship Account has an initial allocation of $100 and you can increase these funds by an additional $25 reward for activating and viewing their account. We are reaching out to all participating families at PS184 Shuang Wen School, because we want to make sure every family at our school is taking advantage of the opportunity! To access their NYC Scholarship Account, follow the steps below. Here is a link to a

step by step guide, as well as a link to a video. Once you activate your account, you can log in regularly and monitor the funds and earnings. Join the families at your school who are already saving for college and career training together by taking this important step!


Building Block 1 - To Activate and View the NYC Scholarship Account:


  1.       Visit
  1.       Click Activate Account
  1.       After reading the Welcome statement, scroll down and click activate account
  1.       Another small box will appear and you can click Continue
  1.       You will then see a Registration box pop up
  1.       Enter your child's Date of Birth, Zip Code, and OSIS Number (Student ID Number), then click submit.
  1.       Now you will enter your personal information and create a password
  1.      Once that's complete, click on the introductory survey


  1. Complete the introductory survey to earn the first $25 reward, which will be allocated to your child's scholarship account within about a week.


Do not hesitate to contact me at 212-602-9700 or [email protected] if you need support to activate and view your child’s NYC Scholarship Account


After you finish activating the account, you can choose to open your own account as a next step (also known as Building Block 2) so that you can save alongside the scholarship account. If you have any questions or would like support opening your own college and career savings account,


  1. Call NYC Kids RISE at 1-833-543-7473 or email them at [email protected]


  1. Join NYC Kids RISE for a Choose the Right Account Workshop. Attached please find the flyer or click here to see the full list of events and register.


In community,




由於您的孩子是紐約市公立學校系統中的一名幼稚班兒童,她/他現已加入大學儲蓄計劃 (Save for College Program)。接下來的步驟是您作為家長/監護人,需要激活孩子的紐約市獎學金賬戶 (NYC Scholarship account) 並查看孩子獲得的未來教育資金。該紐約市獎學金賬戶包含 100 美元的初始存款,激活並查看賬戶後,您可以額外獲得 25 美元的資金獎勵。我們正在聯絡 公立184雙文學校的所有學生家庭,希望能夠確保我校的每一個家庭都可以利用這次機會!請遵循以下步驟進入孩子的紐約市獎學金賬戶。點擊   分步驟指南鏈接  以及 視頻介紹鏈接   獲取資源。當您激活賬戶後,您可以定期登錄賬戶,對其中的資金和收益進行管理。完成這一重要步驟,加入我們學校為孩子的大學和職業培訓儲蓄的家庭的行列!


組成要素 1 - 激活並查看紐約市獎學金賬戶:


  1. 訪問
  2. 點擊 Activate Account(激活賬戶)
  3. 在閱讀完歡迎申明後,向下滾動並點擊 activate account(激活賬戶)
  4. 接著會出現另一個小方框,您可以點擊 Continue(繼續)
  5. 之後會彈出一個註冊框
  6. 輸入孩子的出生日期、郵政編碼以及 OSIS 號碼(學生證號碼),然後點擊 submit(提交)。
  7. 現在您需要輸入自己的個人信息創建密碼
  8. 完成該步驟後,點擊進入初步調查
  9. 完成初步調查,賺取第一個 25 美元的資金獎勵,該獎勵將於一周內發放至您孩子的獎學金賬戶。

如需幫助以激活並查看您孩子的紐約市獎學金賬戶,請隨時撥打 212-602-9700與我聯繫,或者訪問 [email protected]

當您激活賬戶後,接下來您可以選擇開設自己的賬戶(也稱組成要素 2),即可在該獎學金賬戶中進行儲蓄。若您還有任何疑問或者希望得到幫助,以開設自己的大學和職業儲蓄賬戶,

  1. 請撥打 1-833-543-7473 致電 NYC Kids RISE 或發送電子郵件至 [email protected]
  2. 加入 NYC Kids RISE,參加“選擇合適賬戶”的討論會。請查看隨附傳單或者點擊 此處查看活動的完整列表並註冊。