Message from the Principal!! 來自校長的信!!

Dear Shuang Wen Families, 
We hope you had a terrific weekend and Happy Spring!  As the weather is going to get warmer and the days longer, please keep in the mind the following.  The safety and well-being of every child at Shuang Wen remain our highest priority and we are committed to keeping our school community safe.  To this end, we are sending you this notice to encourage you to speak with your children about the importance of safety and measures to stay safe.
Children should be encouraged to be aware of their surroundings at all times and when traveling to and from school and to avoid the use of headphones, phones, or other electric devices.  We also urge your children to stay on populated routes while traveling to and from school and not to speak with strangers. 
Please take the time to review the suggestions listed below with your child so that he or she can be safe at all times:
1)      Always go directly to and home from school.
2)      Always walk to and from school with companions. 
3)      Never permit strangers to engage you in conversation.
4)      If you feel unsafe, then leave the area immediately and if approached in a threating manner, then call out,             “Leave me alone!”
5)      Seek help from friends or an adult whom you know.
6)      If you are near a school building, police station, or store, then enter that building and seek help immediately.
7)      Never take anything, especially candy, chewing gum, or a toy from an unknown adult.
8)      If you feel threatened by a stranger, then call the police at 911.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or our school at any time.  Our main line is 212-602-9700. 
All the best,

Dr. K 
我們希望您週末愉快,春天快樂! 隨著天氣越來越暖和,白天越來越長,請僅記以下幾點。 雙文的每個孩子的安全和福祉仍然是我們最重要的事情,我們致力於維護我們學校社區的安全。 為此,我們向您發送此通知,以鼓勵您與您的孩子談論安全的重要性和保持安全的措施。
應鼓勵兒童在任何時候以及返校或放學途中留意周圍環境,避免使用耳機、電話或其他電子設備。 我們還需督促您的孩子在返校或放學途中保持在人口稠密的路線上,不要與陌生人交談。
1) 每天直接上學和放學回家。
2) 與同伴步行上放學。
3) 切勿與陌生人交談。
4) 如果您感到不安全,請立即離開該區域,如果有人以威脅的方式接近,請大聲叫喊:“離我遠一些!”
5) 向您認識的朋友或成年人尋求幫助。
6) 如果您在學校大樓、警察局或商店附近,請立即進入該大樓並尋求幫助。
7) 永遠不要從不認識的成年人那裡拿走任何東西,尤其是糖果、口香糖或玩具。
8) 如果您覺得受到來自陌生人的威脅,請撥打 911 報警。
如果您有任何其他問題或疑慮,請隨時與我或我們學校聯繫。 我們的電話號碼是 212-602-9700。