Book Fair Coming Soon! 書展即將開始!



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Book Fair Coming Soon! 


Dear Shuang Wen Families,


We are pleased to announce the annual Scholastic Book Fair in the Shuang Wen School Library (3rd floor) from Monday, December 4, 2023 through Friday, December 82023. The Book Fair is a terrific way to encourage our children’s interest in reading and learning and also to support our school.  For one full week, students will be able to choose and purchase books at school, or to order online.  Parents may shop at the Book Fair in-person from 2:40 pm-5:30 pm.


Building strong libraries---at home and at school---enhances our children’s literacy, imagination and vocabulary!   Thanks to the incentive policy of Scholastic publishing company, a significant portion of the proceeds from Book Fair sales will be used for new books to enhance our school and classroom libraries.  


There will be a wide selection of age-appropriate titles at varying price points, including specials. Please note that all purchases are taxable (applicable tax rate: 8.875%). We encourage you to talk to your children regarding the concept of tax so that they are not surprised by the total cost of the book.  You may provide your child with some cash for the bookfair, or open an account to create a pre-paid student “e-wallet” to make cash-less purchases at the event or later online. Go to this link for updates and to set up e-wallet:


Parent volunteers will be needed every day at the fair, to help organize the books, assist the classroom visits, and help process any purchases.  Any amount of volunteer time is appreciated.  Please sign up on SignUp Genius or reach out to our new email address: [email protected]  


Let’s help make this book fair a success and introduce our children to the joy and power of reading!







一年一度的雙文學校書展將於十二月 (星期一)至十二月八日(星期五)在三樓圖書館舉行,書展是鼓勵孩子們對閱讀產生興趣,並能支持學校的最佳方式。 在這一週,學生將可以在學校選購書籍,或在網上訂購書籍。家長可以在下午 2:40  5:30 期間親自到書展購物。


在家裡和學校建立強大的圖書館可以提高孩子的讀寫能力、想像力和詞彙量! 由於出版公司的激勵政策,書展銷售收入的很大一部分將用於購買新書,從而讓我們的學校和教室圖書館更好。


將會有多種不同價位的適合年齡的書籍可供選擇,包括特價商品。 請注意,所有購買需加稅(適用稅率:8.875%)。 我們鼓勵您與您的孩子討論稅收的概念,以便他們不會對這本書的總價感到驚訝。 您可以為您的孩子提供一些現金用於書展,或者開設一個帳戶來創建預付費學生電子錢包,以便在活動中或稍後在網上進行不用現金購買。 請點擊以下鏈接以獲取更新並創建電子錢包:


展會每天都需要家長志工來幫忙整理書籍、協助班級參觀以及幫助處理任何購買相關事宜。我們感謝所有付出時間的志工。請在SignUp Genius上註冊或 發送電子郵件至 [email protected].