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About SLT 關於學校領導小組






The School Leadership Team is composed of elected Parent representatives, Teacher representatives, and the school Principal. They all work together to develop the annual Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and review how the school budget is used to align with the goals of the CEP. The SLT meets each month to discuss the CEP and the future academic direction of Shuang Wen School, including it’s selection of extra-curricular programs and socialemotional learning topics such as bullying and racism. This year, the SLT board discussed important topics such as diversity and inclusion, the competitive New York City high school admissions process, future staffing priorities at Shuang Wen School, and different ways for teachers to provide academic support to our students. Responsibilities: The SLT meets every month to discuss school issues and aims to develop team consensus on topics. All parents are welcome to attend SLT meetings. Meeting Minutes are approved by the school before distribution.



 學校領導小組(SLT) 學校領導小組(SLT)由當選的家代表以及師代表和校組成。他們共同製定年度綜合 育計劃(CEP),並審如何使用學校預算來實現這些目標。 學校領導小組(SLT)⾏⼀次會議,討論 CEP 和雙文學校未來的學術方向,包括選 擇課外活動和社交情感學習主題,如霸凌和種族主義。今年,學校領導小組成員討論了重 要議題,如多元化和包容性,競爭激烈的紐約市高中招生流程,雙文學校未來的人員配置 優先順序,以及學生提供學術支持的不同方式。 職責:學校領導小組每個開會討論學校問題,包括雙文的未來學術方向,旨在就主題達 成共識。歡迎所有家參加學校領導小組會議 。會議紀錄要由學校批准後公布。