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Parents are invited to participate in our virtual District 1 Middle School Crawl. District 1 Principals will be available to showcase their schools, provide virtual tour dates and answer your questions.歡迎家長參加第一學區初中部網上導覽活動。第一學區校長將展示他們的學校,提供網上參觀日期並回答您的問題。

PTA Fundraising家長會募款活動

The Holiday season is coming up and here are the easiest ways you can shop and donate to the PTA at the same time.假期即將到來,這是您在購物的同時順便為家長會捐款的最簡單方法。

Students in PreK through Grade 5 will return to in-person learning beginning on Monday, December 7. 從預幼班到五年級選擇實體課程的學生將於12月7日星期一重新開始到校上課

In order for your child to return to in-person learning, you must submit the consent form for in-school COVID19 testing by the first day your child returns to their school building.為了讓您的孩子重新開始實體課程的學習,您必須在孩子返回學校的第一天提交同意書以進行學校中的COVID19測試。
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