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PS184M Shuang Wen - Parent Teacher Association "PTA" Meeting 雙文家長月會

In accordance with PTA Bylaw 6.05 (Special Membership Meetings) that allows for PTA Meetings to be called with 48 hour notice for important matters with specific agenda items. 根據家長會章程6.05(特別會員會議)的規定,對於具有特定議程項目的重要事項,可以提前48小時通知召開家長會會議。

Reopening Update for Families: August 17, 2020 關於學校重開家庭須知

The updates below are included on our school reopening webpage at, available 24/7 to help you find information about the upcoming school year. 下面的最新資訊登載於學校重開網頁。該資訊網頁 7天 24小時開 放,供您了解有關接下來學年的資訊。

Summer Reading 暑期閱讀

Summer reading is so important to keep learning going and to let imaginations run free!暑期閲讀對於保持學習持續和自由發揮想像力都是極其重要的!
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